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    You know the myths and rumors about the Jewish vote. Now get the facts: how did Jewish Americans vote in 2012 and why?

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    Months of attacks from the right over Israel had little impact on Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown who solidly beat Josh Mandel among Jewish voters in his re-election campaign.

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    Florida was ground zero for attempts to use Israel to weaken Jewish support for President Obama – but the strategy didn't work, and Florida's Jews remained a solid Democratic voting bloc.

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The American Jewish community remains a solidly Democratic voting bloc despite tens of millions of dollars spent to move their votes. In 2012, American Jews remained overwhelmingly supportive of President Obama, of Democratic candidates, and of US leadership to achieve a two-state resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

J Street commissioned three polls to assess the American Jewish vote in 2012, examining voting preference and priorities, as well as opinions on Israel. One poll focused on the national picture. Another focused on the Ohio Senate race, where Senator Sherrod Brown faced numerous attacks on his pro-Israel credentials and affiliation with J Street. The third poll focused on the state of Florida, where right-wing groups poured an unprecedented amount of money into dishonest ads and attack campaigns to try to turn support for Israel into a partisan wedge issue.