The Jewish Vote in 2012 - Florida

Florida was ground zero for attempts to turn support for Israel into a partisan wedge issue. Going so far as to put up misleading attacks featuring Benjamin Netanyahu, President Obama's opponents pulled out all the stops to sway Florida’s Jewish community and failed.

  • Attacks regarding Israel managed to penetrate the deluge of election advertising. However, they backfired -- of the respondents that recalled the ads (45%), 27% actually said it made them more likely to vote for President Obama.

  • Florida Jews said they trusted President Obama’s handling of foreign affairs. The President earned high marks from American Jews on his handling of the Iranian nuclear situation 61% to 30%.

  • Jewish voters ranked the economy as the number one issue on which they based their votes. The economy was ranked as one of two top voting priorities by 51 percent, while Israel was cited by only 14% as a top two concern.

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