The National Jewish Vote

American Jews across the country remained a strongly Democratic constituency despite tightening among many other demographic groups.

  • Nationally, Jews remain a core part of the Democratic Party’s coalition. Among Jews the favorability of the Democratic Party is 54% compared to 33% for Republicans, and 24% for the Tea Party movement.

  • 82% of Jews support a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This support cuts across the partisan and denominational divides, and has remained steady since we started polling on this question over four years ago.

  • Only 10% of respondents listed Israel as one of their top two voting issue priorities. American Jews continue to support Israel, but do not base their vote on it – the economy (53%), health care (32%) and social insurance programs (23%) remain the most important issues.

  • Jews remain committed to preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons through sanctions and diplomacy. The President’s approach is favored by 47%, while only 35% support another war in the Middle East to prevent Iran from building nuclear weapons.

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